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The Hello Box Gifting Guide

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Everything You Need to Know. Gifting for beginners to experts.

Typically, finding the perfect gift can be difficult no matter who you're shopping for. As product experts, we spend a lot of time researching the best products from the biggest brands to include in our gift boxes. We are here to help you make your gifting experience as easy as possbile so you can focus on the occasion at hand.

We've put together three fundamental rules for gifting well during any season and for any reason. Use this gift guide as your ultimate cheat sheet as we go over tips for successful gifting.

Hello Box Rules of Gifting

  1. Make it Aesthetically Pleasing

  2. Make it Personal - Handwritten Note

  3. Make it Thoughful


Make it Aesthetically Pleasing

The right colors can convey the desired mood. If you're sending a gift to someone who needs a bit of a pick-me-up, we would suggest sending gifts with bright colors like yellow to bring sunshine on a gloomy day. Moverover, if you're sending the soon-to-be bride a gift for her special day, something blue would be the best choice as blue represents love, purity, faithfulness and modesty.

Make it Personal - Handwritten Note

Today, handwritten notes are truly a one-of-a-kind. It's personal, heartfelt and keeps us authentic. Whether the message is long and loving or short and sweet, this small gesture will make all the difference.

Make it Thoughtful

When it comes to giving, being thoughtful has much more of an impact than the gift itself. We're all familiar with the adage it's better to give than receive. Being thoughful means giving something and not expect anything in return. Take time to consider something they may want but wouldn't often buy for themselves. Or best, think about something they may need so you can be the one who gives it to them.

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